I am often asked as what I mean by cultural pollution in our society. I always say that in our quest for development and modernization, let us not westernize ourselves. We can be a developed and modern nation, while taking along our cultural heritage with us.

One such thing that I talk about our culture is सांगोपांग स्वीकार्यता (Saangopaang Sweekaryata). There is this very strong, innate feeling that I truly believe in – that all our existence revolves around Saangopaang Sweekaryata. The very moment you understand the importance of this concept that has a significant relation with Indian culture and the teachings of Vedas, you will live a life much happier and much more contended than what you do otherwise.
Saangopaang Sweekaryata means accepting your god, Guru (teacher) and parents for “who they are”.

“Whatever they are, whoever they are, they are mine.”

This very thought of acceptance is what Saangopaang Sweekaryata all about.

When we intertwine our beings with accepting others, in a way, we accept ourselves. As comforting as this gets, the concept of accepting our god, teachers and parents in the exact form that they choose to represent themselves, gives us a strength that is divine and absolutely true.

Each and every individual on the earth has this inner strength to be godlike. But we fail to recognize this power that we are blessed with. Darkness dispels and light emerges when we accept the existence of our god, Gurus and parents as they are. It is at that time that we realize this divine power that is hidden within us, the power to be divine, the power to be happy.

As they say, it all lies within you. Not much is needed to make a happy life. Mold your thoughts, accept others and you will realize the vast and profound influence of the power of Saangopaang Sweekaryata!

This belief, of accepting others without the expectations of changing them, is the foundation of human life. Each and every entity in this life, your god, your teachers and your parents, owe you nothing. They have done the best they can to help you lead a life on your own terms.

Your god has given you blessings in the most amazing forms. Your parents have given you birth. Your teachers have given you knowledge and wisdom. They have given it all to you. You can never repay anyone of them.

What you give to another, you give to yourself. So, the moment you accept them for what they are, you accept yourself for what you are. You will be free from regrets, sadness, self-doubt and agony.
The day we reach that point where the entire world understands the true meaning of Saangopaang Sweekaryata and embraces it, this world will be a better place to live in.

This is our culture that differentiates us from the rest of the world. Our cultural diversity can teach the world a number of lessons.